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He’s Here! October 2, 2007

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So, hi guys! He’s HERE! The new baby is HERE! He was born on Sunday, September 23, 2007, at 7:37pm. According to astrological charts, the nurses told me, he’s a Libra. But, some would argue that he’s actually a Libra/Virgo — on the cusp. Either way, it’s a good thing, you see. Because I’M a Virgo, and I really didn’t want him to be strictly a Virgo because it’s tough being a Virgo and OMIGOSH I’m so tirelerd!

Yeah! He’s here. He’s ACTUALLY HERE! And, he’s adorable and THUPER sweet!

I don’t know how I’m even writing right now, to tell you the truth. I can’t feel the tips of my right-hand fingers AT ALL. Hopefully, that preggers carpal tunnel symptom is dunzo SOONZO! PLUS, I was up ALL NIGHT last night doing this:


Finally, PUT IN CRIB lead to STAY IN CRIB. After TWO HOURS. And, he woke up 45 minutes later to start the cycle all over again….


14 hours. Not bad, not bad. But, it was 14 hours of drama. Of baby’s dipping heartrate, mom on oxygen, posterior position, testing baby’s oxygen RUN RUN RUN!!!, of PUSH HIM OUT NOW or we’re doing a C-section, and of cord. around. neck.

He came out a little blue — normal. And, he was in total shock. But,
he looked at me. As soon as they passed him over to me, all bundled and
clean, he looked at me. In my eyes. I’ll never forget it. Instant
recognition, connection. Instant love. “I love you,” I said, “I love you I love you I love you!”


7 pounds. My little guy was 7 pounds exactly when he arrived. And, he was born at 7:37,
on September 23, 2007. I love 7…. I love my lucky little man….

Why was I so BIG-preggers if he was average size, you ask? Because he is LO-HO-HONG!!! And, I have the shortest waist! He’s a long boy. Long and lean, like his mamma (hee…! ahem!).


My friends, THANK YOU for sharing this incredible, emotional, difficult, challenging, joyous, and ultimately rewarding experience with me. I can’t tell you how much your support, friendship and encouragement helped and inspired me through all the aches, pains, nausea, swelling, exhaustion, the RUDE comments!, the weighty cravings, etc., etc.!


If you miss me as much as I’ll miss you, come visit me at THE CHEATY MONKEY — where I’ll spill more deets about the labour and delivery (I’m still too tired to recap it fully), and continue to document my thoughts and experiences as a MOM of TWO! Yikes!

Of course, if you want gossip, you must CHECK IT — at THE CHEATY GOSSIP!

Thank you so much again, my friends!


xo Haley-O


MY WATER JUST BROKE! September 23, 2007

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Gotta run!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!! xoxo Haley!


Josh-O is Nesting and I Hate It September 18, 2007

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I’m freaking out right now. Why? Because my husband is “touching up” the entire house. In other words, THERE’S WET PAINT EVERYWHERE IN MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW — except in the monkey’s room…she’s napping.

I leave the house for 20 minutes to buy New Baby a floor mat for the nursery, and I return home to FUMES? Like, exCUSE me?!

I could not have been more pissed off. Touching up New Baby’s room? Fine. I can deal. There’s a window in there. But, the ENTIRE downstairs? Where almost none of the windows open? BITCHES! SO, UNFAIR!

So, now, not only is my breathing limited because of my HUMONGOUS BELLY and SWOLLEN NOSE. But, the little air I CAN breathe is totally fume-filled. Thanks a freaking lot. BITCHES, I SAY!

(FYI, I’m not calling YOU “bitches.” You know that, right? It’s just another wee expletive of mine. And, I’m really not sure where I got it from. Just making sure — because it’s REALLY EASY to be misunderstood in writing. I’d never call you “bitches”! I WUV you! TEARS!)

Anyway, I’ve now plunked my sorry bitter arse down in the only place in my house that’s not painted: my basement. Fun times. I’m sitting on a futon with my kitty Tigger curled up in a ball beside me. My macbook’s sitting on a pillow on my lap, and it’s bouncing up and down because Baby has the hiccups…!


I want chocolate.

I’m a (barely) walking, talking, typing incubator.

Indigestion plagues me in the night.

I almost pee in my pants every time I sneeze.

My cats are obsessed with me.

And, I with them.

My little monkey has daddy-itis.

My nose is uggers swollen.

I have pins and needles in my fat fingertips.

I smell paint.


…Of course, I only got to writing about how pissed off I am right now after checking the internet to see if it’s okay for me to be around fresh paint when I’m preggers. BAD, HALEY, BAD! I know I’m not supposed to look up these kinds of things on the internet because there’s ALWAYS going to be a site that says what I’m looking up is BAD BAD BAD! And, even if there are 20 sites that say paint is okay, it’s that ONE teeny tiny nothing site that says paint is BEYOND HARMFUL AND DEADLY AND AWFUL that drives me to the basement of my house where there’s nary a fume. Sigh….

Actually, I’m literally FORBIDDEN to use the internet to ease my anxiety or answer my quirky questions. Forbidden by my prenatal-depression psychiatrist, my psychologist, by the assistant director of Motherisk, my family doctor, husband, mother, father, and I’m pretty sure Ali forbade me during my first pregnancy (insisting that I go to her instead — so, I went to her…A LO-HO-HOT!)…….


If you’ve been to The Cheaty Monkey lately, you know that I’ve been struggling to get through each day physically. My hands and feet are so swollen now that they’re numb and pins-and-needly. But, as I have written (please see HERE), it’s all worth it. As lethargic as I feel, and as painful and uncomfortable as it is for me to do ANYTHING right now, it’s all worth it. I know it’s best for the baby to stay put. So, sure, I do a TON of COMPLAINING (totally for fun) on all my blogs, but there’s no self-pity here! No eagerness for baby to come TODAY — unless s/he is ready.

ONLY 12ish DAYS to go!!! And, probably even LESS than than that because my OB predicts I’ll go about 4 days early (because that’s what happened with the monkey), or even a wee bit earlier because it’s my second pregnancy.

Of course, EVERY HOUR I feel like I’m going into labour. I’m getting those pre-labour contractions, the odd Braxton Hick (at night), and other strange symptoms…, like dots all over…?

Still, my belly’s pretty high…. Check it! (Pics from the Jewish High Holidays — I had to get dressed up!!! Can you imagine? But, as you can see, I was NOT going to wear dress shoes…flip flops it was!):




I smell paint….


I definitely plan on breastfeeding, and I’m really hoping it goes well from the start. I breastfed the monkey for one year. And, that was enough for both of us. But, it’s not enough for everyone — CHECK THIS VIDEO! It’s HI-larious!!:

Heeeeeee! Are you laughing HYSTERICALLY at this? BITTY!!! HAH!


So, maybe I’ll get one more pregnancy-blog post in before IT’S TIME? And, maybe not…. Either way, I will KEEP YOU POSTED! Check in here, and at THE CHEATY MONKEY for more preggers deets.

And, for a little gossip escape, check CHEATY GOSSIP!




Packed! September 11, 2007

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I’m packed…. Packed for the hospital! Well. I’m packING. Everything takes forever, so I’m just packing, not quite packed.


Nightie — check
Bras — check
Robe — TBA (nothing fits!)
Maxi Pads — TBA
Underwear — check
Oversized Shirts — check
Toiletries — check (mini shampoos and soaps and toothpastes…LOVE!)
Flip flops — check
Diapies — check
Wipes — check
Sleepers — TBA (need to WASH)
Baby hat — TBA (dangit! forgot to get it from sister for like the thousandth time!)

Yeah, so I’m SO almost packed! Is there anything I’m missing? Should I bring a pillow? Should I bother bringing makeup? LOVE makeup. I mean, I try to go as natural as possible, but I love it. So, should I bring it to the hospital? But, when will I have time to apply it? And, do I really want to stand in the hospital washroom applying makeup? Ew? (Hate that hospital washroom.) Or, should I just bring a little mirror? SO many important questions!!!

I can’t remember what I brought to the hospital last time, when my little monkey was born…. EEEE! Can you believe how close we are!? Less than 3 weeks to go!

And, today’s my birthday (September 10). I’m 33 years old! The big 3-3. I feel more preggers than I do birthday-ish today. But, I’ve been treating myself to a great day: the monkey’s in preschool for the morning and LOVING IT; my mom took me shopping for ANOTHER UGGERS nightie for the hospital; my fam surprised me with a surprise b-day lunch; and I went for a FACIAL (while monkey played with my sis and her baby).

Apparently, I’m the first person THIS CLOSE to her due date to hazard the full facial, my aesthetician informed me. I was a wee bit anxious (see Cheaty Monkey for deets), but I’m over it and READY TO FACE THE WORLD WITH NEW CLEAR-PORE FACE.

Tonight’s the b-day dinner. NACHOS. It’s what I feel like. And, cake. A whole cake just to myself. LOVING IT. And, I think I’ll start my post-preggo/breastfeeding health-kick tomorrow…. Or, maybe not.

Oh dangit! I had other stuff to say. Was on a role. But, FORGET! FORGET EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME! Hmmm…. How ’bout you look at these pics of 37+ week preggers me, while I try to remember what I was going to say…:

Img_8967 Img_8969_6

Hmmm…. I can’t remember still. But, look at the little monkey in the background of the second pic. She SO busy! I keep wondering what she’ll feel like, how she’ll act, when the new baby arrives…. By the way, ahem, keep looking at her…. I figure, maybe if you look at the monkey in the background, you won’t look at my STRETCH MARKS??? Whoa!

Oh, by the way? Those splints on my arms? I have a wicked-arse case of pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome. It started to get REALLY bad a few days ago, when the pain kept me up at night and I started dropping things all the time…. So, yeah, now I’m wearing those SEXAY splints. I think I look cool in ’em. Too bad can’t TYPE in them. Typing — it BURNSSSS!

I swear, I’m falling asleep right now. You wouldn’t believe how challenging writing this thing is right now. Especially since I TOTALLY FEEL LIKE I COULD GO INTO LABOUR ANY MINUTE NOW. But, that’s between you and me, kay? So, shhh….

QUESTION for YOU? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?: I know the sex of my baby based on two ultrasounds. So, I have a name picked out for the sex they told me. Now, SHOULD I have a name picked out for the other sex just in case? …Why do I feel like I asked you this already? Maybe because I ask EVERYONE from the grocer to the Starbucks barista, to my OB, to Jen Maier (the GORJ founder of Urbanmoms.ca, if you didn’t already know), to the mail carrier…. It’s just, I can’t think of a name for the other sex. I’m just blank! Maybe that’s a sign that it’s DEFINITELY a —–.

Ohhhhh…. And, look at my new change table:


Closet guy’s coming tomorrow to work on NEW CLOSET with DRAWERS! It’s going to be totally practical and fabulous!!!


Want more Cheaty? Check it — at The Cheaty Monkey!

Want gossip? Check it — at Cheaty Gossip!

And, you knowwwww…. When I go into labour, I WILL announce it here…! And, then we’ll go to the hospital…!

Also know how much I appreciate all your comments. It’s difficult for me to do much more typing than I do for my 3 blogs — because of both the exhaustion and the carpal. So, it’s hard for me to email and comment back. But, THANK YOU. I love hearing your thoughts. Every one of them.

LOVE! xo Haley-O


Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! September 4, 2007

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DISCLAIMER: From now till Haley-O gives birth, DO NOT expect ANYTHING brillers to appear on present screen. Thank you for understanding and for your ongoing commitment and much appreciated support of limping, burping, kvetching, double-chinned, uggers-haired, dimply-arsed preggers woman. LOVE!!!

It’s Saturday. The neighbour is rehearsing his opera aria (or, is it oprah….preggers brain killed my heretofore excillint speling abulitys). He’s a big time opera star in Europe. Apparently, it’s easier to make it in opera overseas than it is here in North America. He’s a YUGE star there. Anyway, he’s here half the year, on and off. And, he stays at his ex-wife’s house with their kids. I’m not sure what their relationship’s like now. But, my horndog preggers brain imagines them having great, opera-star ex-sex.

Ummm…., before I DARE get into the greater details of what I imagine they do when he’s back in town, maybe I should let you know where my mind’s at lately? I mean, did I mention that (other than Clive Owen) I’m so HOTT for Ed Harris? (Check it here). Oh, and today, I talked to a 19-year-old U of T rugby player for, like, 2 hours and didn’t take my eyes off his prettiness for one second — for fear that I might miss another FABULOUS angle of his gorj, tanned, perfectly-proportioned face. HORNDOG ALERT HORNDOG ALERT BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! PLEASE EVACUATE! BEEEEEEEP HORNDOG!

I think my horndogness has been one of the BIGGEST symptoms of this pregnancy. I don’t remember being this strangely horndoggy last time. I mean, I think the most unlikely men are hott. Here’s the rundown, as far as I remember it (and I don’t remember much at all these days):

CLIVE OWEN (EEEEEEEEEEEEE! drooooool…. Hottest man on EARTH [my hubby NOT INCLUDED] even when I’m not preggers.)




EVEL DICK, BIG BROTHER (even though he probably smells like farts and cigarettes, I imagine him smelling like the SEXIEST cologne ever invented…. I even love the tats — which is SO not LIKE ME!)









GREG NEUFELD from CANADIAN IDOL (HEARRRRRRT!!! I could listen to those husky pipes all night long…. Felt like life was over when he was eliminated. I’m still not over it. WAHHH.)


ED HARRIS (IS IT HOTT IN HERE????? And, what’s wrong with me?)


Aaaaand, who can forget: WAITER FROM GRAZIE….


Of course, I saved the best for last: JOSH-O, who’s actually reaped VERY LITTLE reward from my horndogness, I’ll have you know.


I’m pregnant, soooo no touchy…. I mean THE IDEA of sex is nice and exciting and BEEP BEEP BEEP HORNDOG ALERT…, and, like, it’s on my mind a lot. But, the actual act? Not so much. I HURT down there. And, and, and…my breasts have a life of their own! And, and, and, while many pregnant women feel more beautiful than EVAH, and many actually LOOK more beautiful than EVAH when preggers, I AM NOT ONE OF THEM. I feel UG-GERS. And, you can think I’m horrible for saying that, but, it’s the truth! And, it’s okay because that’s how I feel and I’m not one to hide that truth for the sake of feminisim or the Dove campaign or whatevs. I FEEL UGGERS, yes I do, and there I said it (again). Anyway, because I feel so uggers when preggers, I like to keep this preggers bawd to myself.

You can definitely rub my belly, though. ALL OF YOU can. I SO don’t mind. LOVE!

And, by the way, I don’t feel weird about talking about NOT being into sex when I’m preggers. I only have ONE friend who had sex ALL THROUGH HER PREGNANCY (and, you SO know who you are, and so does your HUSBAND — HORNDOGS!). Most of my other friends (and I have a lot of friends — really, it’s ridiculous and time-consuming!) are SOOO not into sex when preggers….unless they’re, like, 10 days overdue and willing to try anything to go into labour….

Oh, THIS JUST IN: what do you know — apparently Angelina Jolie felt sexy when preggers.


Yes, Angelina told Marie Claire magazine that she “loved being pregnant and fortunately I was with a man who found it sexy, too”; “In the weeks before the birth,” she says, “we’d have dinner in the dunes by candlelight. We would have tents out there and we had the ocean.” HAAAAAATE.

AnyHOOT……! What about you? Were you into sex when you were pregnant? Feel free to leave your comment anonymous if it makes you feel more comfortable. Although, if I’M putting myself out there, you can, too, right? And, I’m, like SOOOOO shy. Seriously.


Want more Cheaty? Check it — at THE CHEATY MONKEY. It’s my personal blog, but it’s basically a pregnancy blog, too, right now! Come see how I’ve been preparing for NEW BABY! We’re really getting into it. Have bought sleepers and onesies and furniture and everything! And, come CHECK my feet! I got pics…..

Want gossip? Check it — at CHEATY GOSSIP!!!


xo Haley-O


Baby Wants CHOCOLATE August 28, 2007

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It’s Saturday night. And, here I sit alone. With chocolate bar. And with tonight’s episode of Celebrity Paranormal Project…. (All that paranormal activity on the show HAS to staged…. I don’t know why I’m watching it…. Although I do find Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight quite fascinating in my numb-brained yuge-preggo state. And, Danny Bonaduce is just SO worth my time….)


It’s not opened. The chocolate bar, I mean. It’s just sitting there in a plastic bag from Blockbuster Video, where Josh-O got it for me (so you know it’s EXTRA massive…). Yeah, he went to get us a movie, and he thought he’d top things off by bringing home a “dessert” for the nice big dinner I was cooking…. Wasn’t that so thoughtful of him? Ahem, LIKE I’m cooking on a Saturday night at 35 weeks preggers! That’s right, the “big dinner” at home turned out to be the monkey’s leftover kraft dinner for Josh and, pour moi, a bagel (well, 2 bagels — but they were Montreal bagels, which are very VERY small).

It’s a big chocolate bar….

I can’t resist. No, I can…. I’ll knit New Baby’s blanket some more. And, I’ll have some milk. Mmmm…. Milk!

I’m totally addicted to milk this week. I want it all the time. I try to limit myself to 3 glasses a day because, you know, moderation and all. But, I could drink a carton in one sitting. It MUST be a craving because — EW?!?

I guess you won’t be surprised to hear that I’m CRAZY IN LOVE with Starbucks Chocolate Milk right now? “CHOCA MOOK,” as the monkey calls it. Chocolate + Milk? PURE HEAVEN.

Yes, I know, I talk a lot about food on this blog. Because I CRAVE it in this utter state of discomfort I’m in. Food UNDERSTANDS ME. It GETS my indigestion, aches, breathlessness, and crazy swelling in hands and feet….

Did you happen to see my swollen hand over at The Cheaty Monkey? It’s appalling, really.


Anyway, as the monkey’d say, I LUFF YOU, FOOD! Of course, food is my worst enemy, too: the scale! OH, THE SCALE!!! And, I get weighed TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! Eeee Eeee Eeee Eeee!

Chooooocolate barrrrrrrrrr…..

Tap tap tap? New Baby? Please stay in there as long as you can so I can keep eating chocolate. Because, once you’re out, I have to start dieting, and that will suck royal.


Aside from eating and thinking about food, I’m blogging A-LO-HO-HOT, as usual…. I don’t know what my blogging will be like when New Baby comes. I’m hoping I can keep it up. But, I’m sure I’ll need a bit of time off…. I WILL definitely keep you posted on things ON ALL THREE of my blogs. I mean, FOR SURE! Like, you’ve been with me all this time!

Also, at the 35 week mark, I figure I better get going on the blanket I’m knitting for New Baby. I’ve already started it, and, of course, I’ve made lots of little knitting mistakes. But, I have this little rule…. I don’t go back to fix my mistakes mostly. Because, like the blanket I knitted for the monkey, this baby blanket is not supposed to be perfect. Nope! Like motherhood, it can’t be perfect; it can be beautiful and strong, but not perfect. So, the mistakes I knit become part of the pattern, the fabric, make it unique and human and interesting. I’m not the perfect mom — can’t expect that from myself with the monkey (especially when am this preggers… I LOVE YOU, DORA, DIEGO and WIGGLES!) — just like I’m far from the perfect knitter. I just do my best. And, when I make a wee mistake? No biggie. No guilt. And, the blanket turns out GORJ!

The monkey LOVES Mamma’s blankets….

So, this blanket is an important symbol. A symbol OF CHOCOLATE BARRRR of my pregnancy, of time, of motherhood, of self-acceptance and -forgiveness, of patience, and of love. It’s not supposed to be perfect; no, it’s supposed to be perfectly imperfect. It’s all I can expect of myself as a person and as a mother.


Can you guess what colour New Baby’s blanket is? I’ll give you a hint: it’s either pink or blue….


Okay, I’ve had enough knitting for now. Off to eat chocolate. SCARF!




You wouldn’t BELIEVE how many people have asked me if I’m having twins, or even TRIPLETS, this week. I mean, I’m big, but I’m not THAT big…. Sheesh! Ka. Bob.


I love flower dividers…. They make my posts look pretty and seem organized.


I can’t believe it’s practically September already…. September 30th, Baby, HERE WE COME! Wheeee!


Want more Cheaty? Check my personal blog at THE CHEATY MONKEY!

Want celebrity gossip? Check it — at CHEATY GOSSIP!

xo Haley-O


I May Never Eat Again (But, I Don’t Know…) August 21, 2007

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I think I’m finally getting hungry after that NIGHTMARE of a night last night (Saturday).

But, I don’t know….

The day started out GREAT. In fact, here’s the theme song of the day — check it and DANCE (pretend I’m Ellen Degeneres):

I’m 34 weeks! And, I’m SO EXCITED! Just like last time. I’m not nervous for the delivery. Just excited to meet this little one. I mean, I can totally wait another 6 weeks; the monkey and I have lots of one-on-one time to enjoy. Plus, there’s SO much to do.

Anyway, the day started out great. I was even feeling attractive BECAUSE my OB appointment was PERFECTION. I gained NO weight in the last 3 weeks, and the baby has grown a lot! And, and, AND, the baby’s head is now DOWN! I was afraid for a while there because s/he was lying side to side, and all the nurses were like, "you better hope s/he turns the right way! S/he should be head down by now!" Why does everyone INSIST on scaring me?

I was SO excited about my non-weight-gain that I took hot pics of myself….Welllll, I tried to look hot or, at least, preggogorj (it always amazes me the difference a scale can make to one’s self-esteem). And, check it — my hairs growing SO FAST….



I had SO much energy that morning. It was awesome. And, it was what I needed to get through the long day ahead.



Watch monkey’s swim class.

Th_thcmsideflower Go home with Josh to get his car.

Th_thcmsideflower Buy new toddler car seat for Josh’s car.

Th_thcmsideflower Install and/or reinstall all 3 car seats (one of the installation guys was a clone of Perez Hilton — freaked me right out).

Th_thcmsideflower Schlepped to IKEA to choose monkey’s new big-girl bed.

Th_thcmsideflower Home sweet home with BAD MOOD and SWOLLEN FEET.

By the end of the day, THIS was how I was feeling….

(Sorry about the video — I was hoping to get the movie clip from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off but can’t find it ANYWHERES.) So, now I realize that I not only suffer from prepartum depression, but I apparently have this condition called "SHOPPING RAGE." If it’s not a real term, it should be now, because I have it. I’m certain of it. For example, this was what may have been overheard at Ikea: "If someone walks in front of my stroller once more, I’m going to RUN THEM DOWN! Grrrrr!" Yeah, that’s me and my shopping rage. But, seriously, you should have seen my feet…. They were, like, bigger than my thighs. And, my thighs were swollen…. Especially after that lo-ong day.

Anyway, check my car now — it’s freaking me right out:


Two carseats! TWO! In my wee back seat. Freaking me right out. Freaking me RIGHT OUT!

Also freaking me right out is THIS:


She is FINALLY in her big-girl bed (after weeks of my nagging Josh-O to get the frick going on it! Grrrr!) My little monkey’s growing up so fast! And, BABY IS COMING!!!!!

So, this is what I look at when I step out of my bedroom….


Eeeeeee!!! Two kids. I’m going to be a MOM OF 2! Freaking me RIGHT OUT!

Anyway, I was starving after my long day of baby preparation, big-girl bed stuff, and shopping rage. So, we went to (what used to be…) my fave vegetarian restaurant. I got my fave veggie burger, sweet potato fries with spicy peanut sauce (spicy, yes…BIG MISTAKE), and vegan carrot cake. I topped it off with a glass of orange juice….. HOW STUPID WAS THAT?

I felt horribly SICK after that. And, I was up all night nauseous, gassy…, shaking from the pain! It was AWFUL. When I finally started to feel better and like I could go to sleep. A little someone decided to attack me with kisses….


…and I was in NO mood.

So, here I am. Sunday morning. I think I might be getting hungry.

But, I don’t know….



And, the worst comment of the week goes tooooooooooo….


Me: That picture of Clive Owen is making me INSANE! [see below for poster — it’ll make YOU insane, too!)


Me: Oh. Never mind….

WBTCASDM: So, how far along are you now?

Me: 34 weeks!

WBTCASDM: Oh, so, like, you could go any day now, huh?

Me: Um…no, I hope not.

WBTCASDM: It’s just that you’re looking really low now!

Me: Heh. Yeah. Umm. No. I’m still high. Still 6 weeks to go…. [beeyatch!]…



I’m SO buying this poster. Think Josh-O will mind if I put it on my bedroom ceiling? I can stare up at it when I’m up all night with indigestion. Mmmmmm….


Come see how my little monkey’s doing in her new bed, and how my now infamous BURRRRPING is escalating at an alarming rate, at my personal blog THE CHEATY MONKEY!

Want gossip? Check it — at CHEATY’S CELEBRITY GOSSIP!


xo Haley-O